Team Leader FA


“I Joined Advisory Key in 2017 as a Talent Acquisition Intern. Today I am the team leader of the Fund Accounting Branch.

This means that Advisory Key gives to young talents the chance to learn and grow. It’s a real pleasure to work for an organization that promotes enthusiasm, dynamism and real values. The performance management enables me to exceed my objectives and achieve outstanding results that have allowed me to take the lead in team of 5 people.

With an excellent reputation, Advisory Key is a major player in the recruitment of profiles in the field of investments funds.”

Talent Acquisition Expert


“After 2 years of internship in HR for a major financial group, I decided to get specialized in external recruitment. I naturally chose Advisory Key because I wanted to join a dynamic, young, open-minded and ethical company that matched my work values.

Advisory Key is now a major player in th finance industry of Luxembourg in permanent recruitment and consulting. This hyper growth is the result of a high reactivity, team spirit, inclusion and our positives values. 

I highly recomend Advisory Key to anyone who wants to take over a new challenge in their career.”

Head of Depositary & Private Equity


“In 2018, After 18 years of working in the Luxembourg fund industry, I had never considered working for a consulting company before I met Bruno Van de Vloet, the owner and CEO of Advisory Key.

I was enthusiastic because it was immediately obvious and clear that AK values and expectations matched my own. A win-win relationship with its clients and employees as well as a social commitment. In addition, the relation with the CEO and the team is trust-based which is of utmost importance to me.

Bruno is a dynamic leader who allows you to develop your strenghts and gives you a real opportunity to go the extra mile and develop your skills.

As Head of Depositary and Private Equity Business Line my position within Advisory Key includes both management and consulting roles.

On the consulting side, I represent Advisory Key as an expert in Depositary and Private Equity areas.

On the management side, I offer coaching and mentoring through direct discussions with employees but also through my involvment in the Advisory Key training team to provide our consultants with all the necessary tools to increase their soft and hard skills.

I also have direct contact with clients and prospects and I am in close contact with the recruitement team and the CEO to provide the perfect match for our clients and employees.

The human size and the flat organization type of the Company allows direct access to the Business Lines Experts and the management team.

As a conclusion, I would say that Advisory Key is a top-employer for people looking for trust, respect and willing to develop their skills.”

Head of FA


“Advisory Key was a great opportunity considering what I was expecting. During my career I had the chance to work for great funds administrations actors and cover a lot of different departments. At the end of 2017 I was looking for something different, a place where my identity could be recognized by an employer open to new ideas.

I am currently performing an assignment as deputy of Head of NAV calculation for an international Fund Service Provider Bank in Luxembourg. It is a real chance to have the full support of our employer, always open to find solutions to satisfy the clients and the employees.

Thanks to Advisory key, I finally found the “place to be”!

Operational Financial Consultant


“I currently work for one of the largest banks in the Luxembourgish market. I’m in charge of calculating and paying the Dividends on behalf of several major fund promotors. As a Consultant I am responsible for different positions and this is a great chance to work into new roles and challenges that I would not have been exposed to if I would have worked directly for one of our clients. You usually perform the same job for 2…10 years when you traditionally work for an employer. I believe you need to get out of your comfort zone as much as you can, you need to learn something new every day so you can progress in your career and get the best understanding you can of the business, Advisory Key provides this great opportunity.”